What We Do 


Quality Veterinary Specials 

Manufactured and supplied exclusively to veterinary surgeons.

UK Manufacture 

Summit Veterinary Pharmaceuticals is a well-established, UK based veterinary specials manufacturer. We are inspected and granted a license by the VMD. We are committed to providing high quality product options to support veterinary surgeons in caring for their patients.



Consistent Batch Quality with Unrivalled Expiry Dating

We enjoy a justifiable reputation for exceptional quality management systems and manufacturing practices. We perform comprehensive analytical testing on all finished product prior to release. This offers you, the prescribing veterinary surgeon, an unrivalled assurance of quality, a guarantee of consistency for every batch and excellent expiry dating supported by robust stability data.

Solutions to Dosage and Compliance Challenges

We understand the practical challenges of formulating treatment plans for individual animals and the many factors involved in medication compliance. When a licensed medicinal product is not suitable for your patient, we offer a selection of simple treatment options. 

Tablet Testing


Product Choice

Our product range is available in a variety of dosage forms: -

-          Tablets

-          Oral liquids/reconstitutes

-          Transdermal gels

-          Powders

-          Oral pastes

We are committed to continual expansion of our product range to fulfil evolving clinical needs. 


Competitive Prices

We offer competitively priced products, to help veterinary surgeons fulfil their commitment to their patients’ health and well-being.

Customer Service


Dedicated Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service and excellent working relationships with our customers. All of our products are available for same day dispatch, with free delivery on qualifying orders. We actively encourage customer input to product development and feedback on all aspects of the product and service.

Products are for use under the provisions of the cascade. 

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